EA Spots DXEA Spots EADX Spots DXBuscador
DEFreqDXComentarioFecha (UTC)
EA3NW1824.5ZK3Aremote RX/TX from ASIA15/10/2019 20:45Z
EA3NW1823.0ZK3AI have been caught! remote RX/TX!!!!!!!15/10/2019 20:44Z
EA3NW1825.0ZK3Awe use remote RX/TX in ASIA15/10/2019 20:08Z
EA3NW1824.0ZK3At30gc remote RX/TX with IK1GPG15/10/2019 20:08Z
EA3NW1822.0ZK3AI am in the log!15/10/2019 20:07Z
EA8JK14085.9ZK3AUP208/10/2019 19:37Z
EA6DX14180.0ZK3A08/10/2019 19:12Z
EA1ALE14180.0ZK3Atnx 5 up08/10/2019 19:01Z
EA2OK14180.0ZK3A5up now08/10/2019 17:44Z
EA8RM3800.0ZK3Aclear but on 3805 (( LSB08/10/2019 07:24Z
EA1DV7070.0ZK3A08/10/2019 05:55Z
EA3CAZ3523.2ZK3A08/10/2019 05:45Z
EA8NL7026.0ZK3A07/10/2019 09:03Z
EA8NL10108.0ZK3A07/10/2019 09:00Z
EA8ZT3795.0ZK3Athx qso up 507/10/2019 08:04Z
EA1DLU3567.0ZK3ACQ TNX07/10/2019 07:21Z
EA3CAZ7023.1ZK3A07/10/2019 06:24Z
EA6DX7023.0ZK3A07/10/2019 05:30Z
EA8AXT14090.0ZK3ACT1FMX 300 NW06/10/2019 19:30Z
EC7ABV18069.8ZK3ACOPY PSE EU06/10/2019 17:54Z
EA7BO7160.0ZK3Aten Up 706/10/2019 14:17Z
EA7AN7023.0ZK3Abad spread in EU06/10/2019 13:08Z
EA8JK24950.0ZK3A5 UP06/10/2019 11:30Z
EA8ZT14185.0ZK3AWKD UP 5 THX NEW BAND06/10/2019 11:05Z
EA5IPC14185.0ZK3ACQ CQ upn506/10/2019 10:34Z
EA4SE10108.0ZK3ANill all band , all modes , all days06/10/2019 09:38Z
EA6DX10131.5ZK3AFT8 Sent: -09 Rcvd: -0606/10/2019 09:22Z
EA6DX10108.0ZK3Aworked up1 , weak06/10/2019 09:13Z
EA0JC1823.0ZK3Aweak/ft8 was better06/10/2019 06:01Z
EA8BPX18130.0ZK3A55 call to a82x05/10/2019 20:15Z